ASEAN Federation of Accountants

To provide an organisation for ASEAN Accountants for the further advancement of the status of the profession in the region with the view to establishing an ASEAN philosophy on the accounting profession.


Welcome to AFA´s Resource Centre. Here you can find information and reports of AFA´s research and surveys on issues effecting AFA membership as well the international issues that are being addressed by AFA. You may propose a topic relevant to the accounting profession for research by AFA. Comments on any Discussion Papers or other outstanding issues relating to  the discussion papers may be e-mailed to to the atttention of AFA Secretariat.

Contact Us

  • Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI)
    Grha Akuntan
    Jl. Sindanglaya No. 1, Menteng
    Jakarta 10310
  • (+62-21) 3190 4232 ext. 700
  • (+62-21) 3900 016
  • @AFA_Accountants