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AFA Hosts First Webinar under the ASEAN SMP Webinar Series

Accountants are Trusted Advisers to ASEAN SMPs’ Digital Transformation Journey

AFA introduced the ASEAN SMP Webinar Series to serve as a platform for mutual learning and sharing between ASEAN accountants on topics relevant to SMPs. Supported by ACCA, CA ANZ, and JICPA, the first webinar under the series, focusing on SMP transformation was successfully conducted. Exploring the key findings and recommendations from the AFA Research Report 2020 and recent initiatives introduced by Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs) to support the SMPs digital transformation journey, the webinar was attended by 350 participants. With 67% of the attendees coming from the SMPs, almost 80% of the respondents (to the post-event survey) are confident with ASEAN SMPs’ technological competencies.

“AFAs focus on ASEAN SMPs and also SMEs is a reflection of our aspiration to contribute to SMEs as the backbone of ASEAN economy, and SMPs as the trusted advisors and partners for SMEs in their journey of reaching full economic potential. The accountancy profession can and should play an important role in supporting our SMPs in their transformation journey” said Assistant Professor Teerachai Arunruangsirilert, Deputy President of AFA. He added that AFA will continue to deliver discussions on current and relevant topics under ASEAN SMP Webinar Series.

We would like to thank ACCA, CA ANZ, and JICPA for their support. Our appreciation also to the Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI) for their support in the hosting of this webinar.

Recording of the webinar is available in our Facebook page.

Read the full statement: AFA_Release_AFA Hosts First ASEAN SMP Webinar Series (May 4, 2021)

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