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AFA-ACCA Joint Webinar on IFRS in CLMV

ASEAN Stakeholders Recognises the Importance for Collaboration in Dealing with IFRS Implementation Challenges

AFA together with ACCA successfully co-organised a webinar on implementation of IFRS in CLMV (i.e. The Bridge to International Trade: IFRS Implementation Opportunities and Challenges in CLMV). Close to 200 participants joined the session via the event Zoom platform, with more than 1,700 reaches and 255 engagements recorded in the event Facebook live broadcast.

Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards as an internationally recognised set of standards that bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency to financial markets continues to be one of the most important items on the agenda for businesses and policy-makers in many countries, including the ASEAN Member States.

“As ASEAN continues to recover from the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Governments of the ASEAN Member States are looking for avenues to attract investments into their jurisdictions. The use of IFRS as a recognised universal reporting language is a key element to such aspiration” said AFA President, Wan Tin.

Recording of the webinar is available in the following link:

AFA would like to thank ACCA for the excellent cooperation in hosting of this webinar.

Please click on the following link to download the Release:

AFA_Release_AFA-ACCA Webinar on IFRS in CLMV (December 8, 2020)

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