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Webinar on Key Audit Matters

KAMs matters to all, especially non-auditors

AFA together with IAI, IAPI, and ACCA successfully organised a joint webinar on Key Audit Matters. More than 670 participants from countries in the region tuned into the webinar, delivered by regional experts of various background: audit, practice, policy, and investment, providing different perspectives of the issue. The webinar was further enriched with sharing of insights from Datuk Zaiton Mohammad Hassan and Dr. David Smith, who provided their experience from the perspective of audit committee and investor, respectively.

Leaders of the four organisations agreed that KAMs should matter not just for auditors or those in public practice, but also for all stakeholders involved or with interest in the financial reporting ecosystem. The accountancy profession needs to continue its efforts in providing stakeholders with opportunities to engage in discussion on KAMs and its implementation in different jurisdictions. This will allow users of financial information the opportunity to better understand the biggest risks in the auditors’ consideration, and more importantly, contribute to the quality of financial report and audit, as auditors and those charged with governance will need to focus more on areas requiring the most careful judgment.

AFA would like to thank IAI, IAPI, and ACCA for their cooperation in hosting this webinar. Our appreciation to the moderator and all speakers participated in this webinar: Dr. Hendang Tanusdjaja, Kusumaningsih Angkawidjaja, Budi Susanto, Chiew Chun Wee, Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan, and Dr. David Smith, for their sharing and exchange.

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Category: ASEAN Accountants | Post on 26 November 2020

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